The Best Coffee
in the World

From the imposing mountains of Colombia to your cup, we export the best coffee to the world; in alliance with our certified coffee growers and cooperatives, preserving tradition and the highest quality standards.

  • Beans and Quality From the cultivation to the harvesting of the beans, all our coffees are monitored, verified and certified, guaranteeing the best coffee beans of each harvest.
  • Cooperative system Direct partnership with local farms, cooperatives, FNC, and coffee growers to share knowledge, optimizing processes and guaranteeing fair prices throughout the value chain.
  • Traceability and transparency From the farm to the destination, all processes are personally monitored by qualified personnel, providing traceability throughout the value chain.
  • Processing Cutting-edge harvesting and post-harvesting equipment and technology. Special care in the milling and cleaning of each lot.
  • Continuous supply We have alliances in all the coffee regions of the country, guaranteeing availability of coffee all year round. We export to any country in the world!
  • Certifications Continuous samples, certified Q-graders. International certifications available according to each requirement.

Live the coffee experience
with us!

Coffee is
Our Life

Since 2016, LatinA International Trade has supplied the finest specialty green coffee to major customers in Asia.

These include organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. From excellent quality and price, connecting and creating strong ties between roasters and the coffee farmer, to unique small lot offerings, through special projects designed to improve both the quality of the cup, and the lives and future of coffee growers and producers.



Our Mission

  • To bring the highest quality coffees to the global market throughout innovation and local development.
  • To provide opportunities and tools to empower farmers with pricing, traceability and long-term cooperation.
  • To constantly exceed the expectations of our clients regarding the experience of buying specialty coffees with an exemplary service.

Our Vision
and Objectives

  • To be a leader in the development of creative solutions and strategies that add value and efficiency to the global coffee chain.
  • To be agents of positive impact in the lives of farmers, through a sustainable coffee economy.
  • To be pioneers in all of our markets, claiming leadership in all issues related to quality and efficiency.
  • To connect the interests of producers with roasters.

Coffee will always be
fresh and safe

LatinA Tech is your best ally in hermetic packaging solutions, to protect coffee and cocoa. Learn more about our solutions and improve your harvest!